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Nneka Carrie Ude, Nneka Dudley



People Strategist. Tech Enthusiast. Cultural Anthropologist.


be interested

and interesting.

my story.

strategist. marketer. mba. entrepreneur. 

wife. daughter. sister. friend. 'someday' vegetarian. documentary lover. podcast addict. pre-trump political junkie. patient revolutionary. old millennial. art collector.


I 'chop' plantain with brown sugar;

like my jerk chicken with greens & cornbread and my coffee black with two sugars.

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i like to keep things simple.


Great ideas, products, concepts, etc. shouldn't be complicated to understand. 

I think creatively, believe in the power of iteration, and I never walk away from a "glow-up" opportunity - even when I think I'm not worthy.





I am not a techie,

but I believe in the magic of technology and it's ability to transcend borders and connect people to ideas and cultures.  

With over a decade of ad agency and big brand experience, I bring a knack for nuance and a track record of getting things done. I've helped launch agency startups (Geomentum & BPN Worldwide), build business disciplines (Shopper Sciences), and drive big brand innovation (Coca-Cola, Hillshire Farm, Jimmy Dean). Today I'm heading up experiential strategy for one of the biggest brand activation agencies in the world.


I own my perspective and I'm not afraid to bring it to the table.

make your own magic

I live at the intersection of

people, brands, and technologY

I'm a builder and developer. In today's economy having an entrepreneurial mindset is the only way to get ahead.


I love working and being amongst the ranks of those who aim to

1) challenge the norm,

2) see the world not as it is, but as it should be, and

3) are willing to take a massive risk. 

lift as you climb

Tell stories with purpose.

In 2014, I made a commitment to find my voice and purpose in this world. Storytelling is the most powerful medium the world has ever known. I want to tell epic stories of the common man. I'm not yet a brilliant storyteller, but I am a passionate one. 

let the world shape your life.

I was bitten by the travel bug at 17.  (Yes, black people travel!)


Since then I've woken up on 4 continents, across 12 countries, and 40 cities.

My bucketlist is about 150 cities and 35 countries deep. I've dined with monks, had profound conversations with absolute strangers, been blessed by the Pope, chased by little kids sporting pythons as pets, outrun "la policia" on the back of an ATV, and even met my now husband.

Travel has enriched my life in ways I could have never imagined. Mark my words, one day me and my yet-to-be-born children will be dual passport holders.

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