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I'm always up to something.

This is a snapshot of my latest happenings. 

Always remember,

fortune favors the bold.

fortune favors the bold

As a strategist my goal is to uncover patterns, observe human behavior, and guide big brands and startups into a new future.

the road well travel.

we live in a global society.

that requires that we have a global perspective. 

be curious about culture.

25 / 7

carpe diem

I want my career and life to reflect my head and my heart.

I'm passionate about people and ideas. 

I'm a marketer that thinks about systems and people;

creativity and results; economics and culture.

create moments that advance movements.

25 / 7

25 / 7

coming soon.

uncover the spark that created the products, services, and innovations that have changed the world. 

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